Kenji Tomita / Senior Visual Designer / New York




Started in 1997


I decided what I want to be in my professional life very early years, when I saw some draws and illustration that my mother used to make, she was a former architecture. After I got it my first computer at me I immediately starting using, at the time DOS and MS Windows was the popular plataform also BBS connection was the only way to connect to the internet via modem, I had to call for a number and get connection. The time was charge by minutes so I had a plain with 20min for day, was so limited at the time, this process make me more interesting for internet and tecnology.


First Job was in an Internet Provider Service


I learned at my first experience working, the importance of be hands-on and self-taugh because when started nobody nows how developer a webpage, so the company gave me a change to learning by myself having internet unlimited, at the moment only you are rich or you work at a internet provider you have the privilege like this, so I learned a lot at the moment also I have to make support for users to how connect into web by phone.

Art Director life


Multidisciplinary age, since the idea also to delivery in flash format to publish. I learned all process by hand, doing all, this time I was focus on make beautiful campaigns on-line in Ogilvy and Rapp Collins, also I cross at some other great companies as freelancer so I had opportunities to meet many people and different experiences with diferents clients.



After back and forward in some advertising companies I work with my own company, this period i learned a lot about business and project manager. Have to say was the most intense moment I had in my life.


VIsual Design and NY


After one sabatic year in Brazil.I decided to move to New York, 


Back to the past


Nowadays, I'm studing the famous brazlilian designers like Aloisio Magalhaes, Alexandre Wollner, also I want to reminder the fistory of golden ratio rules, geometric forms, semiotic, fibonacci

My process


My mentors

Alexandre Wollner
Aloísio Magalhães
Max Bill

Carlos Cauduro
Otl Aicher
Goebel Weyne
Armin Hofmann
Benjamin Guedj
Koichiro Tanaka
Yugo Nakamura